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Essential Strategies to Cure HIV

A suitable cure for HIV is something that still hasn’t been materialized with top scientists and research putting all their effort into the job. Out of the many options that lay ahead of them, there are a few strategies that are being highly considered. Apart from that suppressing the virus from antiretrovirals, scientists are also […]

Top Facts About HIV/AIDS

Despite having the resources to fight AIDS and ultimately come out of the same, a lot of deaths are still associated with it. Millions of people from all around the world contract the disease and tend to die at the last stage of the Virus. Based on the findings by the Centers for Disease Control […]

The Isolation of Having HIV

Having infected by HIV cannot be blamed upon the patient since it could enter the human body in various ways. There have been several cases in the past where AIDS patients have intentionally tried to spread the virus to others. As a carrier of the virus, many people take advantage of spreading it to the […]

Living with HIV and AIDS

Being affected by HIV is considered to be one of the most unfortunate happenings in a person’s life. But what others forget is the fact that anyone at any point of time can encounter such a situation which would turn out to be an ordeal. Stigmatizing such a health condition is a heinous act that […]

Effects of HIV on a Human Body

HIV is a common term now that most people are aware of what disease it brings with it. But not many of the unaffected lot know what the symptoms and effects of HIV are. The virus could affect a human body through various stages, and the last stage is what we usually refer to as […]

Early Signs and Stages of HIV

Not a single day passes by for people with HIV without the thoughts of being infected by the virus disturbing their composed minds. It is undeniable that all stages of AIDS would be so agonizing as to create a mindset within the patients to end their life. This happens very often among the people affected […]

A Positive Attitude Towards the Disease of AIDS

When affected by HIV, people start experiencing deteriorating physical health as the CD4 immune cells get attacked. The cells that act as a shield against the deadly viruses and other contaminants that enter your body are what keeps your body from falling ill regularly. You can imagine how severely your body would be affected by […]

Forms of Support Available for People with HIV or AIDS

People with AIDS are often looked upon with condemnation by others that stigma gets attached to them, which never gets untagged until the last breath. The disease is, therefore, considered to be a highly unfortunate one in the lifetime of a person. But all communities need to realize the fact that no AIDS patient can […]