HIV testing

Free tests and diagnosis by the best doctors to get accurate results.

HIV Support Groups

A safe community for HIV patients with the right support and facilities.

HIV prevention

Follow the right preventive measures to keep yourself safe from HIV and other STDs.

Injecting drug

Our advanced medicine will prevent the need for injecting drugs into your body.


Learn about the side-effects and symptoms of HIV to prepare yourself for reaching a doctor at the right time.


We follow a complete diagnosis routine to help everyone tackle HIV and all its causes. Our doctors help you get the best health results.

Regular medicine

The right medicine to control HIV and prevent any side effects. Our pharmaceuticals are standardized under the WHO.

Infants, children, adolescents, and adults who have HIV/AIDS

People Living with HIV/AIDS

HIV patients need special care and treatment to keep their effects under control and prevent any future harm to the body. We implement the best technology and medical care to support our patients 24/7.

Facts About HIV

Life Expectancy and Long-Term Outlook

With modern medicine, there have been many improvements in the health conditions of patients. Researchers are working to create the right vaccine and preventive medicines to control HIV. In the future, we hope to see new treatment methods and medicines for a complete cure.


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We use safe and most accurate equipment for HIV testing under the care of the best doctors. You can be assured of your safety while you are with us. In our care, you will learn how to cope with HIV and find the right ways to tackle its effects.

Offering Advice And Support

The signs of AIDS include:

Rapid weight loss, recurring fever, night sweats, extreme and unexplained tiredness, diarrhoea, sores on mouth, anus, or genitals, pneumonia, and more.

later symptoms

Learn about the later symptoms of HIV and its preventive measures.

Early symptoms

Refer to a doctor when you start feeling any of the symptoms mentioned here.


Tell your doctor about any present infections when you are getting diagnosed.

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