The Isolation of Having HIV

Having infected by HIV cannot be blamed upon the patient since it could enter the human body in various ways. There have been several cases in the past where AIDS patients have intentionally tried to spread the virus to others. As a carrier of the virus, many people take advantage of spreading it to the community in all possible ways. That doesn’t mean every affected person would strive to do something so heinous. People with HIV have always been ostracized for their unhealthy living standards; even kids below the age of 15 get affected by the disease by not indulging in any form of shady activities. Also, as a third person in the scenario, you shouldn’t be avoiding the ones who have been affected since the disease wouldn’t spread through a hug or sharing a glass.

The transmission would take place only through body fluids such as breast milk and semen; so, having unprotected sex can lead to any of the two partners being affected by the virus. Getting a tattoo with unsterilized equipment and sharing needles are other ways of transmission where the virus enters the body directly into the bloodstream. How often could that happen with an AIDS patient? Knowing one such patient and avoiding him/her for fear of spreading would be the most childish thing to do with medical science having been developed a lot. Let us have a look at the isolation that all the infected people need to go through at some point of time in their life.


Isolation of HIV

Many of the patients often tag themselves as unworthy of care and affection when they are diagnosed with the disease. Adding to this desperate situation will be the barbaric acts of the community towards the people living with HIV. But they are not always to be blamed for the virus that attacks the cells in their bodies. Stigma is, therefore, in many cases, self-generated by the patients to keep themselves away from the happening world. Testing of these people has become a challenge for the government authorities now with the people not being in a protected state. Many of them become homeless once they are diagnosed, and start living on the streets or certain groups of people with the same condition.


Imagine spending the rest of your life with people of the same mental and physical conditions; nothing would be interesting and lively about that environment. Mental support is what these souls need the most when they are affected by the virus since the mind gets hurt more than the body with all the stigmatizing gazes. Having a negative self-image would lead to depression, shame, and guilt, which would start to grow within those fickle minds. As these negative thoughts keep thriving, it will start affecting the physical conditions as well. Only a sound mind can pave the path to a better life, and that will need support from the people surrounding the ones who have been infected by HIV. Considering them as an alien in schools, colleges, social gatherings, and community, will further weaken their souls and prompt them to isolate their bodies and minds from the world around them.

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