Essential Strategies to Cure HIV

A suitable cure for HIV is something that still hasn’t been materialized with top scientists and research putting all their effort into the job. Out of the many options that lay ahead of them, there are a few strategies that are being highly considered. Apart from that suppressing the virus from antiretrovirals, scientists are also looking to find out whether infected individuals can be cured through these strategies. Considering the kind of interest that lies around these strategies, we decided to pile them up and hit you with the same. Hence, here are a few essential strategies to cure HIV.

1. The Lock and Block Technique

The lock and block technique takes form by trapping HIV in its reservoir cell so that it can never be reactivated. Although the virus is still present in the body, it is trapped away so that it cannot escape its host cell and begin to replicate. While the technique is being considered, it is only an alternative to another method known as “Shock and KIll”. On this front, scientists are looking for ways to effectively trap the virus in a host cell without making any form of disruptions to the genetic material of uninfected cells. But the task is being plagued by various types of issues that seem to require time.

2. Shock and Kill

The current model for the treatment of HIV formulates as individuals take antiretroviral therapy. Due to that, reservoir virus wakes up the moment the patient stops taking ARTs. That moment signifies the entrance of this method known as shock and kill. It works by essentially waking up these reservoirs in order to activate the silent virus. As a result, it aims to destroy all reservoirs in one go and completely eradicate the same. But the factor of risk plays and emerges the moment one virus is left to survive. If that takes place, then it could duplicate and return to the human body.

3. Vaccine


Out of the many HIV vaccines that have been tested, only one has brought out significant results. Going by the name RV144, it was part of the trail that started way back in 2003 in Thailand. From the individuals who volunteered, the rate of HIV was 31% lower in the cohort who received the vaccine when compared to those that received the placebo. But the strain of HIV found in and around Thailand is quite different from what is being seen in Sub-Saharan Africa. Due to that, the vaccine prototype needs to be adjusted or amended.


The hope to witness a proper cure for HIV has never gone out of sight, and people are still looking forward to hearing the good news. So let’s keep that hope intact because one day, it might become real.


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